The Declaration of Independence and Unity

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on behalf of fellow citizens, in Unity and especially for The People in the Americas, Algeria, Bahrain, Cameroon, Congo, Cote d'Ivoire, Djibouti, Egypt, Gabon, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Libya, Madagascar, Morocco, Mozambique, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Senegal, Tunisia, Uganda and, Yemen, for setting it off.

We The People, of the United States, generations born of a Nation founded against the hate and despotism imparted by a psychotic, genocidal, self-titled, “king,” and colluding tyrants who call themselves “royal” things such as “duke,” “sheik,” “prince,” “princess” and “queen,” we stand once again, surely by Natural Right to relate considerations of history and outcomes in the current state that compel us to re-dedicate and align ourselves with like-minded and similar aspirants fighting for Freedom. We deliver this message to the world:

In the course of human events, Truth is necessary to honestly assess Humanity's progress against the same and more atrocious acts from which the American Revolution was sparked, still seen as injustice in the world. Thus we affirm, with expansion on what was previously remarked by our forebears as they embarked on a march towards rights for certain men, we are encompassing, universally, all people, and explicitly the women.

We hold the strongest truths to be self-evident: All people are born equal and free — we are beings of spiritual might — and are endowed naturally with certain, inalienable, and Universal Rights. Among these, preeminent are the pursuit of Happiness, Liberty, and Life, with Justice, Equality, and Democracy arising as we unite, with Freedom for All by Destiny as we evolve from darkness into  spiritual light.

We asseverate the Rights to Peaceful Assembly, Freedom of Speech, Respect, and Dignity, alongside Self-Determination with Deference for Diversity, as seen in our legacy, certain hallmarks of Human destiny.  

Like our Ancestors, across borders defining geographic relations and historical associations, the Ultimate Light and Goodness and Universal Spirituality of Humanity know not boundaries or stations. We pledge to focus our actions at home and world-wide with determination for Peace. Poverty, disease, hunger, war, and atrocities against Mother Nature – against ourselves – must cease.

We, therefore, expand our call for Freedom to include all of Humankind, recognizing that Good People everywhere, on Earth by Fate, are likewise inclined to re-evaluate their situations. With the people of the world and Truth on our side, there shall be no more subjugation. United we stand, across States and Nations, to co-create a Planet of Abundance, in peaceful cooperation.

We take serious stock of history to extol the Goodness of Humanity. Now we denounce the evil Insanity of governing systems that stand against us. Our list of grievances is long. The time has come for righting our wrongs, including thus, as we have:

* * witnessed cherished Public institutions, proven to be the pillars and foundational rocks of a prosperous and free nation, deteriorating in constitution, including infrastructure (especially water treatment, airwaves, energy, and transportation), crumbling libraries, and failing education;

* * cut taxes on the richest and most well off of those amongst our lot, while cutting services for the needy, as if the poor should be forgot;

* * outsourced our jobs, with the pride of The People, marketing satiation to the masses while seeking cheap labor in foreign lands, by the hands of exploiting capital and exploited classes;

* * polluted our environment, failing to take a balanced stand against business interests ruining our water, air, and land, depriving our children of the bounties and abundance formerly close at hand, sacrificing their future instead of adopting a Just environmental resources plan;

* * shifted our economy to reliance on the non-productive creation of capital, in and of itself, resulting in gross and ever widening, unsustainable maldistribution of the common wealth;

* * allowed shameless purveyors of fear to take the national stage in disdain, weakening our free press, while foreign owners stoke rage for domestic political gain;

* * perpetuated many myths of our founding, ignoring needed lessons learned, impeding and confounding our progress to redress groups of people spurned, some advertently, others collaterally, as we expanded from sea to sea — learning that our divisions must be overcome: we have become one American Family;

* * funded, supported, and colluded with tyrants under the guise of security, leaving us standing at this crucial moment nearly on the wrong side of inevitable history.

When Government by plutocracy, aristocracy, special interests, and bloated bureaucracy becomes destructive by its means, outcomes, and ends, it is the Right of The People to reconstitute their Government, replacing systems and institutions within.

When Government by Consent fails to represent the Free Will of the Human Spirit or is likewise interrupted and otherwise is Not by Consent, it is the Right of the People to replace any Government so corrupted, dominated, ruled and bent by a tyrannical few.  The People rise in Unity to claim Independence from all oppressive Governments, Banks, Corporations, Think Tanks, and International Space Stations, anew.

When relatives in the Family become imbalanced and lose sight of the Love from which all families come, it is the responsibility of the Family to heal the wounds so that we may move on from that which shackles us to the past. The People of the United States, connected genetically and politically, at last, to Freedom Fighters everywhere standing tall, do relate being of Ancestors, native and immigrants from every corner of the globe as Fate has called: We see not others, for we are all Sisters and Brothers.

Let us command our beacon of Light, shining bright with Freedom and Hope for the Global Family. We claim and together adopt this Declaration of Independence *and* Unity!


To the Lovers. Citizens of The United States. Members of the Global Human Family, particularly our Beautiful Children everywhere out there, for whom we strive to provide nurturing, tender loving care, and free food, housing, knowledge, opportunities, positive motivation and inspiration within a world of Truth, Good, and Freedom, on behalf of We The People creating a peaceful, mysterious, abundant, joyful, revolutionary, and wondrous world for all.

Signed You and Me

Dream a World of Truth through  peace * and * love

Dear Penny C: Please read (y)our history, including the United States Declaration of Independence and honestly, thoughtfully assess the future. Martin Luther King said, "Those of us who love peace must organize as effectively as the war hawks. As they spread the propaganda of war, we must spread the propaganda of peace. We must combine the fervor of the civil rights movement with the peace movement. We must demonstrate, teach and preach, until the very foundations of our nation are shaken. We must work unceasingly to lift this nation that we love to a higher destiny, to a new plateau of compassion, to a more noble expression of humaneness,"(1) when he spoke on the Vietnam War. You, Gentle Reader, and Penny C are brave and True Patriots. Thanks for doing what you do. Thanks for representing. Much love. [1-State Street, Chicago, IL, March 1967]

The Declaration of Independence and Unity is a poem from Published Poems for Penny C.

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